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2013/14 Patient Survey Results

The results so far are shown below.

Total responses: 107

1Generally how easy is it to get through to a receptionist on the phone?
     Very easy24
     Fairly easy57
     Not very easy19
     Not at all easy6
     I Haven't tried 00%
2How helpful do you find our receptionists?
     Very helpful78
     Fairly helpful23
     Not very helpful3
     Not at all helpful10%
     I don't know 00%
3Which of the following methods would you prefer to use to book appointments?
     By phone using the automated service4
     By phone speaking to a receptionist66
     In person15
     Online 56
4Is there a particular GP you usually prefer to see or speak to?
     No 24
5If you answered Yes to above question, How often do you see or speak to the GP you prefer?
     Almost always33
     A lot of the time18
     Some of the time28
     Almost never 2
6When you contact the surgery for a GP appointment, WHEN do you usually want to see or speak to them?
     On the same day71
     The next day5
     A few days later21
     A week or more later10%
     I didn't mind6
     I can't remember 00%
7Did you get your appointment when you wanted it as per previous question?
     Yes, but I had to call back closer to, or on the day that I wanted the appointment 38
8Overall, how would you describe your experience of making an appointment?
     Very good40
     Fairly good44
     Neither good nor poor11
     Fairly poor9
     Very poor 00%
9How satisfied are you with the hours that we are open?
     Very Satisfied47
     Fairly satisfied41
     Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied9
     Fairly dissatisfied4
     Very dissatisfied00%
     I'm not sure of the Surgery opening hours 2
10Which of the following additional opening times would make it easier for you to see or speak to someone?
     Before 8am20
     At Lunchtime14
     After 6:30pm38
     On a Saturday41
     None of these 25
11Do you use the practice Website?
     No 27
12Do you use the website for any of the following?
     Booking an appointment57
     Ordering repeat prescriptions66
     Patient Reference Group information21
     Information about services offered by the Surgery 39
13What else would you like to be able to do using the website
     Get test results78
     Contact the Surgery - ask a receptionist a question50
     Update your personal details27
     Get access to your own medical records46
     Update your own health status, blood pressure, weight, etc... 33
14How do you usually access information about services at the Surgery?
     Other 3
15Are you aware of the website "wheredoigo.org.uk"?
     No 85

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