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Travel Health and Vaccinations

If you are travelling somewhere that may potentially need specialist travel advice and/or vaccinations, it is important that the Nurse is able to assess and identify the risks to you well in advance of your journey.

Could you please complete the Travel Form and return to reception, preferably 8 weeks in advance of your trip, in order to make your appointment. This is so that an appointment can be arranged and any vaccinations have time to become fully effective. We need the form prior to making the appointment so this gives the Nurse time to study where you are travelling to and identify your individual risks.

A separate form is needed for each person that is travelling.

If we receive your form with less than eight weeks’ notice, an appointment will depend on availability. Where there is no availability, you still have the option of getting specialist travel advice and vaccinations at private travel clinics such as:
  • Hertfordshire Clinic, The Maltings, St Albans
  • Boots, St Peters Street, St Albans
  • Masta Clinic, Bennetts End Surgery, Hemel Hempstead
Most vaccinations can be given at the Surgery but some may not be covered by the NHS and there will be a private charge.

For further information about travel outside the UK, www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk is able to offer a wealth of advice and information.

We wish you a healthy and safe trip.