Configure Prescription Details

It is imperative to take medication as advised by a clinician. This is to ensure that it is as effective as possible. Please organise your ordering and stock of medicines. NHS prescriptions cost billions of pounds. Unnecessary prescriptions are a waste of money. Money the NHS can use for healthcare. You can request a prescription for up to two weeks in advance. Longer if you are going on holiday or there are public holidays.

Use eConsult to contact us about a current prescription.

Select one of the following options:

  • "...administrative help",
  • "Reviews for long term conditions, medication or contraception"

and follow the on screen instructions.

A member of staff will contact you after reviewing your query.

Repeat Prescriptions

You must allow at least five working days for ordering repeat prescriptions. This is to allow time for the order to be approved and sending of the order to the pharmacy.

As per national guidance, requests for prescriptions are not accepted by telephone.

Requests can be made:

  • Online Services: It is also possible to request repeat prescriptions online by: 
     Using the NHS App. For information on how to install and use the app, please visit the NHS App webpage.
     Online services via the NHS Website
     Using the Patient Access App or login in from the Patient Access website.
  • Through Written Request: Send your repeat prescription form or written request by post. You can also deliver it yourself to reception or by using the surgery's letterbox.
  • Through the pharmacy: Talk to your pharmacy about how best for them to do your ordering. Use the link to find the nearest pharmacists to you.

Urgent Prescriptions requests

A recent audit showed that our GPs are spending up to 5 hours a week processing ‘urgent’ prescription requests being made on the day. Many of these requests were raised because repeat prescriptions were not organised and being requested in time which resulted in appointments being taken away from other patients.
Going forward, repeat prescription requests will not be issued on the day or sooner than 5 working days unless under exceptional circumstances. The request must be in writing at the Surgery, not by telephone. If authorised, you will be advised when to return to the Surgery to collect a paper prescription - they will not be sent electronically to a pharmacy.
There are times when prescriptions are more urgent, e.g. medication been changed at hospital or got an acute illness, and of course we would be happy to help.
With over 150 prescriptions requests per day, we rely on patients being organised and making requests appropriately. Thank you.

Private Prescriptions

The Surgery has no obligation to convert a private prescription onto an NHS prescription, the private prescription is valid to get medication.  A request can be made to convert to an NHS prescription but it will take up to 5 working days to review and is dependent on the private clinician providing all the necessary information for one of our clinicians to take legal responsibility for authorising medication. Any medication issued must be according to NHS pathways and within NHS formulary.

Electronic Prescribing Service

All prescriptions will be electronically issued for collection at your chosen pharmacy.  To set up your collection, ask your chosen Pharmacy to add themselves as your nomination.  Further information on the Electronic Prescribing Service can be found here.

NHS Charges

For information about NHS prescription charges and prepayment, go to:

Some people are exempt from paying NHS charges, for further information go to:

Cessation of prescribing Benzodiazepines (and related medications) for fear of flying

Prescribing sedatives for fear of flying used to be a common and popular method to ease anxiety for patients. In recent years it has increasingly been found to be unsuccessful as a treatment for phobias and have potential safety related side effects. We at Midway Surgery appreciate that some of our patients have previously been prescribed these medications for fear of flying and are hoping to highlight some of the reasons why we are signposting you to alternative ways to treat this phobia.

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