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We aim to provide our patients with the best experience when using our website.

As with all IT systems, we would anticipate that patient may encounter some technical difficulties.

Please bear the following in mind when reporting issues with our website – The Midway Surgery website uses predefined templates and functionalities.  This means that we may have to rely on our support team to resolve the issue you are reporting.  In such cases we cannot commit to a resolution timeframe.  We will strive to resolve all issues as soon as technically and practically possible.

If this issue is preventing you from receiving the care you need, please contact the surgery on 01727 832125 during opening hours – 08:30am to 18:30pm

We would use the website banner to alert our patients to technical issues we are already aware of.  Pleaser take a look at the banner before submitting this form.

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Last Updated: 19/06/2023

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